Why Kucoin is an Amazing an Exchange. Bonus Coins Awarded and Staked Coins!

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You might be wondering why everyone is shilling Kucoin. Well there is a reason for that. One HUGE perk that a lot of people do not know is. Kucoin will give you all the “fork” coins. What does this mean? Basically if a coin were to split or fork to a new coin they award you that new coin.

For example Ethereum forked into Ethereum Fog (who, what is that?). Exactly, but if you held Ethereum in their exchange they gave you Ethereum Fog coin.

Even coins like NEO which give you stake coins. If you did not know stake coins are like dividends. For NEO did you know you actually get another coin called GAS? Bittrex exchange actually keeps that GAS for themselves. But Kucoin will give it to you (rightfully so it is your money)

Here are two ways you get free coins.

  1. Holding Kucoin coins
  2. Inviting your friends and referrals

Holding Kucoins

Let me show you what it looks like when you hold Kucoin. I started off holding 847 Kucoin (KCS). Every day or every other day you can see them awarded me more Kucoins. I bought them back in Oct 25, 2017. Basically Kucoin will give you 50% of the fees to you for holding KCS coins.

Now I have 865 KCS. Just from holding KCS and doing nothing else. Here is a screenshot of the payouts.

As you can see the coins I received. It may not seem like much but this is compounding. As they add more they give me more. For doing nothing but holding the coin.

Friend Invites and Referrals

Here Kucoin will give you 40% of the fees for successfully recommending the exchange to others. Here is a graphic to help demonstrate the structure.


Here is an example of the bonus coins I have from referring people.


All in all if you don’t partake in referring others or buying KCS coin, just using Kucoin is an amazing exchange. The service is great. I really love the fact that they don’t steal coins that are rightfully yours. When it comes to staking or forked coins.

Of course here is my referral if you learned and liked the exchange and my article.

I do all this to spread the knowledge. Tips are greatly appreciated! Cheers!

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