My ears must be oddly shaped. I have tried many different types of earbuds all of them would constantly fall out of my ear. Especially when I was working out. Maybe I had to buy $1000 custom ear buds? The apple airpods or regular buds would always fall out. Brand after brand nothing would feel comfortable or just stay in the ear!

Low and behold I decided to pay the premium on the Bose QC20. This is the previous wired version of the QC30 and they fit like a dream. I was jogging, I was running, I was working out with them. I blissfully canceled out any noise while on the plane. The only problem with them was the annoying wire!

Now Bose came out with the QC30 with bluetooth technology. It fit perfectly, I was able to do all my normal activity. Now for all noise cancel devices it needs a small device that will help cancel out the sound. Thus they created a sort of neck band that charges the device and controls the noise cancel. Although I was weary about wearing a neck band and how that would feel. I realize that you don’t really notice it at all. Initially when the band is cold on my neck I may feel it. After about 10 seconds I forgot it was even there at all.

Now without wires I can’t imagine a world with them. It’s much easier to move around without wires. Some caveats is the noise cancel is not as great as the QC20, but still works well. The battery life is quite long last around 8 hours for me.

All in all I would highly recommend these if you are looking for discreet, comfortable, noise cancel wireless earbuds.

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