I was fortunate enough to be able to receive the iphone 6 plus. Coming from an iphone 5 I knew the change was big. I wanted something larger but the regular 6 didn’t seem like a big enough change. I last minuted changed my preorder pickup to a plus, the Apple store employee was kind enough to let me swap.

Day 1

At first I loved the large screen, but when I went out I noticed the phone did not fit in my back pocket (unless you want it sticking out). The phone would have to be in the front pocket. I decided to wear my tightest skinny pants I own and noticed it did push into me a little bit when I drove. At this point I had regret that I need to return this for the normal 6. After reading a few articles and forums online people said:

you just came from a small iphone and you need time to adjust, give it longer then a day

90% iphone 6 / 10% iphone 6 plus

Day 2

I started to become more accustomed to the large size. But I was still skeptical and really wanted to return it for the regular 6. I was starting to really enjoy the features but simple functions like one hand wasn’t possible. My arms were starting to hurt from the use. When I showed people the phone the “this phone is huge!” actually made be a bit sad. I really wanted to return my plus

70% iphone 6 / 30% iphone 6 plus

Day 3

I watched some videos and some streams on the phone and was really impressed. But the size and fitting in my pocket was really bugging me. I was going to a wedding on this day so I decided to see how the phone would fare in the “suit test”. Surprisingly the phone fit well in my jacket pocket and front pocket. I didn’t even notice it that much. Then the tipping point of where I first started to love this phone occurred. I was walking along and started to film people walking down a hill, while I walked down the hill. The phone was shaking immensely. I thought people are going to have the biggest headache viewing this video. Now once I replayed the video live people said whoah! look how smooth, I was shocked. Not sure if the upgraded image stabilizer camera made the change (something the plus has exclusively) but the shaky walking video was completely smooth. It was as if I was gliding on something instead of shaking and walking down a hill.

The video playback looked great but the smoothness of being able to walk and video really amazed me. Maybe I should keep this phone? I thought at this point.

60% iphone 6 / 40% iphone 6 plus

Day 4

I went to visit Best Buy and a few store demos to see the phone. Hearing people talk about how the plus is just way to big and the regular is the perfect fit was swaying me. I tried to do the shaky camera test on the 6 and it seemed to be stable but I could only record so much because it was attached to all the security devices. One big con for the iphone 6 plus is not being able to use it with one hand. With more practice you actually would be able to use the plus with one hand. It’s not easy but you would have to train yourself to do it.
55% iphone 6 / 45% iphone 6 plus

Day 5

I decided to help me better decide, I should put as many video games as I could to try the device out. defining moment occurred I played about two hours of games. That night my forearms and arms hurt felt like carpool tunnel. This pain use to appear from the heavy iphone 4 for heavy users like myself. With the 5 that pain disappeared. I turned to my iphone 5 lifted it and surprisingly I enjoyed how small, light, and portable it was. I actually missed my iphone 5. I knew at this point what I didn’t want was a tablet/phone. I wanted a phone, and I could use my ipad when I wanted.
90% iphone 6 / 10% iphone 6 plus


I need a phone to be a phone that I can go anywhere with and use it at all times. If I wanted a larger screen function I would use my ipad. I am going to swap my plus the big boy out for the regular iphone 6. After going back for hours and hours at a time. I know I will be making the happier choice. My arms also won’t hurt so much from the heavier phone.

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