– In 1998 we bought a Nissan Pathfinder. The car had multiple issues and car problems (we should have learned our lesson here)
– In 2004 we bought a Infiniti g35 (Infiniti is Nissan if you did not know). This car practically exploded on the freeway and died out.
– In 2009 We foolishly bought this Nissan Murano. 4 Nissan Dealerships, 4 Car mechanic shops, over 10+ visits to all these shops. Everyone pretty much said you are out of luck. No one could figure out the problem.

– You will accelerate and nothing will happen. Even if you floor it the car will rev, but will not move.
– The high pitch sound is the most annoying while driving. We demonstrate this in the video.

DO NOT BUY FROM NISSAN! HORRIBLE Car quality. Horrible Service. Only buy if you want headaches.

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