Hansel and Gretel : Witch Hunters (2013) Review

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Hansel_and_Gretel_Witch_HuntersThis movie was great in terms of the action scenes being very unique. They showed a wide variety of weaponry that mixed with new age technology .

You won’t find many one liners that will stick to your brain. But the action was quite sufficient

We suggest watching this movie in 3D because unlike many other movies the 3D was actually eye popping good (they actually had 3D!). Scenes with trees breaking would actually come flying right out at you. Some other movie patrons jumped out of their seat from the flying debris which did make me chuckle to myself. (better dodge that fake tree)

The makeup and special effects of the witches were great. Famke Janssen (a.k.a. Jean Grey) makes a great villain.

Jeremy Renner does quite a good performance even though we did find it a bit cheesy when he shoots something and does his pose with the shotgun on his back. Gemma Arterton was spectacular in this movie and from her role in this film made us an instant fan of hers.

Rating: B-
TL;DR: It’s quite a short movie and there’s not much story to it. All in all we suggest at least seeing this once.

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