The Last Stand (2013) Review

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the_last_standArnold Schwarzenegger is back! Finally staring in a movie which he hasn’t done so in 10 years. He comes back as of course an sheriff of a small town.

If you are looking for a action movie with a lot of story don’t bother. This is just a straight action movie. Lots of plot holes and scenes will make you think What? Why did they do that

One funny thing if you watch as the movie progresses is Forest Whitaker crooked eyes gets more and more crooked as the movie continues

Of course it wouldn’t be an Anrold film without some great one liners:

I’m the Sheriff

and of course

I’m to old for this

Rating: D+ The plot holes and cheesiness was just to much for us to bear and so we ended up not really enjoying this movie. We do however miss Arnold and it made us dust off some of his old classics to watch.

SPOILER ALERT RANTS: (please do not read further if you do not want any parts of the movie to be spoiled

– okay first if the villains finished creating the bridge, why did they even bother to bring the whole army to the small town? It was unnecessary.
– when the main villain played by Eduardo Noriega in the final scenes of the movie tells Arnold “I will pay you 5 million, 10 million, no 20 million. My accountant will wire the money” Of course Arnold says no but what does he expect Arnold to say “okay here’s my Wells Fargo account go ahead and transfer 20 million no one will notice.”
– Helicopter gets out maneuvered by a car? Come on! “WHERE DID HE GO!!” hes on a straight road and he turns his headlights off and you get out maneuvered in a helicopter? Serious?

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