Top Iphone Cases. Which One is the Best?

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Criteria for the research was basically:

  • Slim, we do not want a bulky phone coming out of our clothes.
  • Protection, our previous case saved our phone from 3 different drops out of a car.
  • Functionality, can it double as a wallet? kick stand? What else can it do.

Poetic Atmosphere Case Cover

Although the clear case was cool that it’s translucent. We found the size of the case was not great nor did it have any functionality.


Mophie Juice Pack Helium Battery Pack

Now if you use your phone as much as we do. Movies, music, email, internet, facebook, games, and oh yeah a phone. Then you may want this case since it helps you charge the battery. This does make your iphone a bit longer since it is adding a battery. You can charge both the battery pack and the iphone at the same time.

Quirky PCRS1-WHO1 Crossover

this one was great because of the slim size and you have the ability to place the cash and credit cards with it. Now you have everything in one. A phone wallet. The problem with the rubber material is it does get dirty. And the corners are a big big for our taste.


SGP Leather SNAP

The leather snap looks great and you can fit credit cards and cash. You can also de-attach the phone and have the wallet separate. The only thing I did not like about this was that the snapping function although feels great from the start. It starts to feel very loose and I would be scared if it would become de-attached on its own.

SGP Leather Wallet Case illuzion

This one looks great and feels great. And it’s also a wallet, we thought we had a winner, but alas. The reviews talked about that leather latch being of poor quality and falling apart. We need something that’s going to last a bit longer then that.

EC Technology 5 in 1 Retro Map

This one is great because it’s a wallet in the shape of a book. The amazing way this look we couldn’t pass up. It’s also functional as a wallet. *They do have one with a map on the front which looks cool, but we found out the map design could be completely random, you could end up with the ocean. Luck of the draw,

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