iOS 11 New Things To Learn About

iOS 11 New Things To Learn About

the TL;DR too long didn’t read version of iOS 11 updates

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You can delete OLDER imessage chats now:

You can offload apps which allows you to delete app but keep all its file so when you reinstall its as if it was never deleted:

Slide down iPad keys to type alternative characters:

Hide alerts for individual conversations on iMessage:

You can set reader view on ALL websites:

You can block Ad-content which follows you around the web :

Notes now supports Tables:

Notes app now can scan a content in the paper and upload it into notes:

Camera app can now finally scan QR codes:

Mails can now be threaded in default mail app:

iOS 11 Camera captures now are 50% smaller while not losing any photo/video quality due to switch to HEVC and HEIF files (iPhone 7 and above only )

You can turn off the new file setting so that you can use it on default windows picture app which doesnt support the new files:

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